Wild Water Kingdom huge day and night party – tons of Dj’s

Beach Party Wild Water Kingdom_lovethiscitytvtoronto_toronto

Have you witnessed the largest outdoor pool party in 2013? The Beach Club Festival held at Wild Water Kingdom had been celebrating a huge day and night party last Saturday, June 22nd , featuring several best DJs in the world! This party was a flare bursting extreme fun and excitement for everybody out there. This event was a summer return.

Beach Party Wild Water Kingdom_lovethiscitytvtoronto_toronto

Event: Beach Club Festival 2013

Where: Wild Water Kingdom, 7855 Finch Avenue West

When: Saturday, June 22nd 2013

This festival was the congregation of the best DJs in the world. It puts them altogether in one place and in one period, in company with the celebrated MCs, and the most influential promoters and producers. Their presence and production has created a show that’s one of the kind! Among the prominent DJs who celebrated with the party were:



DJ Addy, 4Korners, Wrispest, Joe Ghost, DJ Crunch, Reno Bravo and paulfayze, Mark Vidovik, Habibi on Percussion, Christina Cruise, ISC Nation, Trivedi, DJ Mo, Manzone and Strong, Marko Bongo, Never Not House, Dekoze, T Rexx, Mike Jacinto, Sir Lancelot, Mikey Terra, Armani, Scotty Scratch, DJ Glew, J. Hyland and Kavai, Kurtbradd, Cyrus, Armo Kidd, DJ Ace, DJ Flawless, Eng, DJ Database, DJ Oddessy, DJ Maltease, Dennis R, Planet Otnorot, DJ Couture, R2, Jayforce, Anthem Kingz, JB Allen, Fredzone v’s Add, MC Extreme



Apart from these DJs, a live act in the platform of “THE DEVIL FROM ACAPULCO MEXICO” was showcased. There were 4 sounds and 4 grand party spots along with the production showcase and extraordinary talent that etched in everyone’s mind.


The whole day and night was a grand! People are everywhere in the location of the event. The Festival has become an enjoyable moment to the greatest extent for people in Canada. It provides a marvelous boost to the location itself and to local establishments. People have had a great time because the Wild Water Kingdom offers so much pleasure where everyone able to extend their party to the area’s attractions such as the abyss, the Night Rider, Midnight Express, and many more, that surely adds up another bursting moments into flames. Furthermore, while on the extreme of the event. The following attributes enjoyment:


  • Special party plus the stage arena
  • The right to use to the cove and pool
  • The exciting midnight firework display
  • A high energy sound show and digital laser light
  • Tents for bars and beer can be sited around the park
  • VIP bottle service available of cabana
  • Different limo rates


If you ever missed the Beach Club Festival, there is still more as it is celebrated annually with thousands of people in attendance year round.


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