Etobicoke is not exactly a name synonymous with the hosting of grand proceedings, with the midnight pounding of crammed nightclubs, with cultural gatherings, but it does claim one yearly event whose simple mention can make the mouth of a man or woman flood and water with the lingering taste of a thousand saucy delights. Such an event takes place over the Canada Day Weekend.
The Toronto Rib Festival—a 15-year old contest which unifies 100, 000 people to celebrate North America’s juiciest rib—will pit together 16 ribbers to slap, grill and season their slabs for the favourable choosing of the hungry masses. Ribs are the focal point of the festival, but if you wish to satisfy your ravenous cravings in other ways, the tempting pull of 20-plus vendors selling pulled-pork sandwiches, freshly-cut onions and kettle corn will also be within reach of your wondrous grasp.
For those poor souls who happen to grace the show with stomachs full, there can always be made sufficient space for a spurt of beer. And if you happen to remain fixed on leaving the grounds without consuming a single drop of food or liquid, rest assured that the four-day event will feature a host of musical acts for your ears and eyes, an exhilarating playground centre for your kids, tents upon tents of merchants selling wares and exclusive merchandise for your body and a soccer-central area where an HD display will satisfy your famished World Cup urges. And, finally, if you are entirely devoid of a soul, the 1st of July fireworks at 10p.m. should prove decisive in illuminating the tiniest flicker of light on the last blotch of your depressive existence.
The Rib Fest, if only for a single significant weekend, blazes and enlightens the taste buds of all present, sets fire to their imaginations like the seared slabs of enflamed ribs awaiting their judgement on charred grills—so join us in Etobicoke, Canada Day Weekend, for it promises to be a memorable event ribbed in pleasure!