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American rock band 30 Seconds to Mars is currently on tour and is making their Toronto stop on October 3rd at the Sound Academy. Recently, they released their fourth studio album in May and are traveling the world to show it off. Their album is called Love Lust Faith and Dreams and is their best to date, showing off their entire potential as artists.

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These guys are nothing short of talented. They formed back in 1998 as a bonding project between the Leto brothers, shortly after they had a few members join and 30 Seconds to Mars was born. Being one of the best rock bands known today, they’ve had much success in their career. They’ve have four studio albums released, all with much acclaim, they’ve released multiple singles that have all reached the top charts, along with music videos splattered all over music channels. Their music videos have been the type to portray their visions and powerful lyrics. Many award shows all over the world have recognized them and have given them the credit they deserve with multiple titles. The success these guys hold is something that isn’t going to let them slow down any time soon.

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Knowing their live performances are one of a kind, these guys could have the best rock show in Toronto this fall. Fans have waited their return and there’s no way this show won’t sell out. You can purchase tickets online at Tickermaster – CLICK HERE!


By: Montana McGiverin

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