Summer is already here and pretty sure, you are planning to go outside of Toronto (or wherever you are) and see some kind of scenery. We may think of going to another state or country (famous would be Paris) but for those having an extraordinary taste then you might want to check this out first.



1. Tulip Fields in Netherlands
This field of colourful tulips would surely be an eye-pleasure for you. Located in The Netherlands, this huge field of tulip plantation attracts many tourists every year. When viewed from above, you will see the colourful spawn of tulips that looks like a rainbow.




2. Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan
If you visit Japan , then you might want to check out the Hitachi Seaside Park. This flower park is a popular destination in Japan. Located in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki prefecture, this flower park has more than 4.5 million nemophila flowers that are usually blue throughout the year. The park also has daffodils, pine trees and tulips.




3. Salar de Uyuni
The world’s largest salt field. This 10, 582 sq. Km. salt field in Bolivia would make your jaw drop. When the Salar is covered with water, it became a large mirror that reflects the whole sky.





4. Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Japan
This flower tunnel in the Kawachi Fuji Garden, Kitakyushu, Japan is composed of 150 different varieties of Wisteria flowers. Walking under this tunnel feels enchanting especially if you’re with someone special.





5. Naica Mine, Mexico
Looking for a different adventure deep down the earth? Then you can visit the Naica Mine in Naica, Mexico. The awesome Selenite crystals in this cave would make you feel that you are somewhat in a different world. One chamber, the Cave of Crystals, has giant Selenite crystals that naturally formed. It measures as tall as 1000 ft.




6. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine
This amazing place in Kleven, Ukraine is one of the spots that you shouldn’t miss. This three kilometre road (which is also a railway) is walled by trees that form a corridor along it. It is said that if you walk with your beloved in this road and make a wish then it will come true.




7. Mendenhall Ice Caves, Juneau, Alaska
This cave in Juneau, Alaska is part of the Mendenhall Glacier. Upon entering the cave, you will think that this could be somewhere else in the universe. The fog created by ice adds to the amazing view.





8. Red Sea Beach, Panjin, China
This tourist spot in China is famous for the red grass Sueda that covers the entire surface. This is a preserve wetland where migratory birds stay. The grass looks light red in April and turns a darker red as it matures throughout the year.




9. Bamboo Forest, Japan
This Bamboo Forest in Kyoto is usually being opened during the festivals in Japan. During daytime when winds will blow, the bamboos strike each other creating a chime sound that would make you feel you are in heaven. This is a relaxing place to go.




10. Street in Bonn, Germany
Spring is a wonderful time for everyone especially here in Bonn, Germany where the trees come back to life. The streets of Boon will be filled with beautiful blossoms during spring.


11. Black Forest, Germany
This mountain range in Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany would make you somehow feel scared upon hearing its name but wait till you see the place. You will then realize that not all scary names are really scary at all.


12. Fields of Tea, China
The farm at the coastal province of Zhejiang would be the favorite spot of a tea lover. The beautiful green fields of tea spawn across the fields.





13. Shibazakura Flowers, Takinoue Park, Japan
This 10,000 square meters field in Takinoue Park is famous for its pink moss. The park attracts many visitors from all over the world during May and June when the flowers are in full bloom.





14. Antelope Canyon, USA
You’ve probably heard of the Grand Canyon. This time we would visit another famous rock formation in Arizona, the Antelope Canyon which is famous for its spiral rock arches.





15. Lake Hillier, Australia
A pink lake? Yes it’s true and this is not artificially made. This natural pink coloration in Lake Hillier, Australia has caused scientist to be puzzled for the cause. Though it is safe to swim in the lake, the coloration is not caused by any natural chemicals or bacteria in the water. It has been described as “bubblegum pink”.




16. Lake Retba, Senegal
And another pink lake in Senegal. This is surely a different experience for those who love boat rides with their special someone.






17. Lavender Fields, UK and France
This lavender field in the UK and also in France looks really gorgeous especially if coupled with a sunset scene. It creates a perfect landscape view.





18. Canola Flower Fields, China
The Canola Flower Fields in China would make you think that you are about to swim on a place flooded with lemon juice. The yellow flowers surely look good in the field.





19. Mount Roraima, South America
For the lovers of extreme adventure, this mountain in Venezuela border is awesome. Upon reaching the top, you would feel that you are in Olympus, the place of the gods.




20.lovethiscitytv20. Tianzi Mountains, China
Another awesome group of mountains in China. Viewed from above, they look like very tall towers built. The mountain is difficult to climb since its almost vertical in steepness.





21. Hang Son Doong, Vietnam
This cave in Vietnam has large stone formations (really large). It seems that this cave has many mysteries about it.




22.lovethiscitytv22. ZhangyeDanxia Landform, China
Thiscolourful land formation in China will make you think that they are painted by children since the land is really colourful. The land is covered with different bands of colour like sky blue, red and green.




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