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So the Superbowl is finished, hockey is on their Olympic break, and baseball is about to start Spring Training.  While your stomach may be missing some of that greasy sports food, it should be known that chickens have not gone extinct.  In fact, wings are still being served on a daily basis and restaurants all over.  Below is a list of some of the best places in Toronto to get wings.  Everyone loves wings, just check out this amazing commercial:


10. Fox and Fiddle,  190 Laird Dr. Toronto. 416-467-8682

Sure, this place is a traditional pub and part of a chain, but their wings are something to talk about.  They’ve got size, flavour, and of course a bar to serve beer with them.

Wings Fox

9. Wild Wing, various locations.

Yes it’s a franchise and has locations popping up faster than the chickens can run, but this place does indeed warrant being on the list.  They offer daily specials, whether it is beer and wing combos, or appetizer deals.  They have one of the largest selections of flavours ever seen and of course the names are great.  How many men are willing to order a “Daisy Duke” flavour? Give it a try you might be surprised.

wings wild
8. Bishop and Belcher, 175 Bloor St. E. Toronto. 416-591-2352

Yes, another pub chain hits the list.  Their wings aren’t the biggest out there, and the flavour selection is relatively basic, but this place fits on the list nonetheless.  Their service is some of the best you will get anywhere and their beer selection is something to see.  Great service and selection keep Bishop and Belcher on this list.

Wings bishop-and-belcher

7. St. Louis Bar and Grill, 2050 Yonge St. Toronto, 416-480-0202

If you’re looking for some heat to your wings, this is a place to try.  Known for having a decent atmosphere, St. Louis Bar and Grill offers some of the hottest wings in Toronto.  There are no waivers to sign or anything like that, but you will probably get a good sweat on with their wings.

Wings St. Louis

6. Bistro on Avenue, 1678 Avenue Rd. Toronto, 416-783-1928

Bistro on Avenue gets the nod here, but it should be known that the originator of this restaurant is the same person who opened the Chick ‘n’ Deli.  Both places are known for their wings and the unique, “secret” seasonings that help to create them.  Possibly the best-priced wings around, they both are justified to be on this list.

Wings bistroonavenue

5. Duff’s Famous Wings, multiple locations

Hot hot hot!  This place is a chain, but maintains their integrity by not slacking on that fact.  Their wings are a decent price, with a great beer selection to compliment them. What makes Duff’s stand out the most is the title of having the hottest wings in Toronto.  This place will serve wings so hot you need to wear surgical gloves and adhere to a warning before getting them.  If you’ve got an iron stomach, give the “Armageddon” a try.

Wings banner_home_nm

4. Puck’n Wings, various locations.

Yes, this is another franchise on the list, but the design of this place makes it feel more like a local pub than a franchise.  A great sports bar with televisions all around to see whatever your sport may be, Puck’n Wings also boasts having extremely friendly staff who take pride in their job and do their best to remember the customers.  It’s very easy to make friends with the staff here.  So what about the wings? They are awesome!  Good value, good size, and some unique flavours.  Try the poutine wings.  Breaded wings, covered in gravy and cheese curds make this a messy, but delicious combination.

Wings Puck'n

3. The Wheat Sheaf, 667 King St. W.  416-504-9912

This place has been around for years.  While the outside has recently gone through a renovation, the inside has maintained the décor and style that the regulars are accustomed to.  Their wings are some of the biggest and meatiest around.  They’ve got some great flavours as well featuring some whiskey infused sauces among the choices.  The Wheat Sheaf also has daily specials including a wing night where you get some amazing deals.

Wings Wheat Sheaf

2. The Wing Company, 700 King St. W.  416-369-9464

A great place to get exactly what they advertise…wings!  The Wing Company offers some of the best selections in flavours including a lime tequila wing and several versions of chipotle BBQ.  The Wing Company also offers some amazing deals and combinations; so if you’re planning a party and want wings, check them out.

Wing The Wing Company Menu 1

1.Crown and Dragon, 890 Yonge St.  416-927-7976

The winner of the best wing in Toronto as far as Love This City is concerned.  The Crown and Dragon offers some of the largest wings in the city, boasting, “Dragon wings are bigger and better”.  They also offer some of the best flavour selections including a very hot “Dragons breath”.  Of course, as mentioned before, what good are wings without beer?  Well, Crown and Dragon has a great beer selection too making this a well-rounded option.  So, who’s hungry?

Wings crown-dragon-pub-toronto-on

Be sure to check back regularly as Love This City continues to bring you some of the best places to eat in Toronto.  Whether it’s a high-end restaurant, or your average sports bar, Love This City will be there.


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